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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 11:00 starts right now. we begin with breaking news tonight. two flights safely landed in washington d.c., the second landed in halifax. nothing so far has been found. it's unclear if the incidents have been related. people say it sounded liken explosion the u.s. geological survey says the earthquake was centered near medway. >> reporter: david, it was a
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here at the police department they were flooded with 50 phone calls around 8:20 after people thought they felt an explosion. it turns out it was an earthquake. i spoke to some people who say they heard it they were worried what had happened. police started looking, there was no damage, again it was that earthquake. but i spoke to the town administrator he said it happened at the northwest corner of the town, north of the town and that sent everybody running. take a look at what he told me just minutes ago. >> i think initially folks heard a loud noise things -- were rattling.
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>> reporter: the good news is 1.5, they didn't find much except for some very concerned people texting back and forth with their spouses trying to figure out if they knew anything. if you weren't in a quiet place, you wouldn't feel it, but thankfully, no injuries, no damage. chief meteorologist eric fisher now. >> how common are they? >> i'll be interested to see if maybe there's a bit of a ost quake. it's not ideal, it's when temperatures drop rapidly and you have the water in the soil
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we'll see if we can do a little bit more digging. if you broaden it out a bit. i want to broaden it out a bit er the past month. certainly the larger ones a little bit more rare and the typical spot is north eastern new hampshire. we'll take a look at your forecast coming up. growing concern tonight about what isis may do next. police stopped a plot to blow up a german soccer stadium just as fans were walking in. police are now announcing a second terrorist is likely to be on the lose. the manhunt has widened. investigators spotted him while they were reviewing surveillance video from the attacks. events in boston and tighter security begins with liam
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>> reporter: that second suspect has not yet been identified and that is the task of investigators tonight. french investigators say there may be a secd terrorist on the run. while look at the video, they spotted another person in this car near the cafe. they are also looking for salah abdeslam. he escaped when he called his friends to pick him up to to get him to brussels. his brother says my advice is to turn himself in. he used two credit cards to secure this hotel in paris. security forces around the
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han-over game was damag canceled. tonight. secretary of state john kerry says he anticipates that u.s. and russian forces will now fight isis together in syria and this is as the president plans to meet with u.s. and russian officials in the next few days. >> all right. liam.
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the well wembleyey-- >> reporter: some did say that concern lingered in the the backs of their minds. bruins fans packed the garden 18,000 strong. yet few expressed fear. >> you can't stop doing what you love to do. >> i definitely think it does make you go like, oh, geez and the germany thing just happened. >> reporter: she's talking about this what had been billed between germany and the netherlands was abruptly canceled after a concrete
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they say venues like the garden with extra police and metal detectors on hand are taking necessary steps. for these fans the danger is worlds away. >> even after the deal in boston, i really wasn't that worried about i want. the city of boston has always been a safe city despite the things that's happened over time but they look at them as isolated incidents and i think that's the way they should look at them. >> reporter: it remains pretty much the same as it's always been. one, be aware of the closest exit and in the event of an emergency try to remain as calm as you possibly can. tonight this woman is behind bars in boston. witnesses say she tried to open
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the exit door mid flight. they insist this wasn't terrorism, but especially after the attacks in paris that was frightening. julie is live with us where she is. >> reporter: state police tell us this woman was unable to post her $1,000 cash bail so she will stay here overnight from a short distance where she deplaned. some three hours after ka camele -- and the flight was safely on the ground, she was in handcuffs. the experience on the flight really depended on where you were seated. >> there wasn't any reason to worry. she wasn't violent. she wasn't screaming.
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it was more than anything interesting seeing how well the crew reacted. >> first impression i thought the woman was having a panic attack. >> reporter: she seemed to snap, state police say she was intoxicated. >> they had to tie her down and get hands cuffs on her feet as well. strap her into the seat and she was just really fighting them most to have trip she was fighting them. >> reporter: aviation experts say it's impossible to open the door in any altitude but given the climate some say it was a less relaxing flight. >> your heart starts racing you wonder what's going on preparing for the worst. >> i'm just glad i'm home. >> reporter: she is charged with interfering with a flight crew. wbz news. thank you.
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the state education commission choosing to combine parts of test. today's vote calls for the 2017. well big poppy expected to tomorrow. >> sports directer steve burton joins us with the details. >> reporter: yeah, we all saw david ortiz become a star. he will return 42 tomorrow. reports say he will retire at is it end of the 2016 season. he is coming off another stelar
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he belted his 500th career home run in saint pete. he helped the team win three world series titles. he's slated to make $11 million in this upcoming season. david ortiz is more than just a great hitter. he is a boston icon. >> no question. >> he brought us three world series banners, yes, but that's not all, a look back at the
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it becoming a holiday tradition but it more naughty than nice. packages being stolen right off of people's front steps. police went door to door warning people. >> reporter: on a dark side street in cambridge a quick police pep talk. for these brand new recruit it's their first assignments. >> we're going to go down to pearl. >> reporter: with veteran officers by their said they are tasked with spreading the message. >> we are going door to door notifying people that there have been some packages thefts. >> reporter: it's a crime of opportunity and happened 19
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>> i used to work for the mail and we always used to try to hide the packages, not leave them out in the open. >> reporter: they opted for a little face-to-face. >> i can it's great. they're making an effort to get with the people and have the people be on their side. >> reporter: this isn't the first time cambridge police have done this and it worked so well during a rash of house break ins they thought they should get the word out. in that. >> i think it's fantastic the great job. >> part of colorado believe it or not tonight are digging out.
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shut down because of blizzard conditions. about 15 inches of snow. they had to just park on the road until some of these roads opened. >> and here's what i would say, eric. i don't want any. i don't want any. >> reporter: well it comes around the front range. but no know flakes. the highest temperature since april 9th. we're falling down to 38 in the city, but once you head outside the city which is the last place to cool off. 22 in norwood as well as orange. fort smith is 29. the vineyard 28.
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morning. i think every town in this freezing. bottom line is you will want your jacket tomorrow morning. bright skies and a lack of wind. when the cold air starts to move in as long as there's no wind, it's a little bit easier to take. we will rebound with partly cloudy skies. 46 to 52 across the area. 52 nantucket. it's a cool november day but another bright and quiet one. another system we are watching. this arm of rain is the one we are tracking for the end of this week and it will be pulling into town on thursday. i think your first showers start to break out early thursday afternoon. but heaviest will be late thursday night into the first
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and this looks like a good soaking rain. inches. that's where we will see our heaviest and steddest rain steadiest rain. the rain fall deficit have been creeping up in worcester about nine i was behind in boston. so it's more of a good thing than bad. it will affect the friday morning commute. we start you out this weekend boston. you can catch it right here as well as my t.v.38 partly cloudy skies and 38. a mix of sun and clouds, cold front comes in with a little
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but the good news is looks like we will avoid a storm next week. you don't think much of your airline boarding pass. >> that little piece of paper can leave your personal information vulnerable. >> reporter: if you are catching a flight it's all business when it comes to pass. but once on your plane do you even know what you did with it? >> no, have no idea. >> normally just leave it in the bin in the back of the seat in front of me. >> reporter: others leave them in their hotel rooms. some boarding passes have revealing information hidden in the bar code, but with a simple
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it to find out personal information that you don't want them to know. we tried it on her boarding pass at logan. >> reporter: some places like don't. >> if you look on the bar code the entire number is listed. >> reporter: it didn't take long for computer forensic expert to hack into a account volunteer. the carriers website simply asked a security question to get to the pass word. >> reporter: at that point somebody could change flights steal frequent flier miles or worse.
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if we wanted to try to get into her bank account this would have been a great start. >> reporter: for passengers like valley, it's a wake up call. >> i don't even know why i printed it. now i wish i didn't. >> reporter: something to think about the next time you think about throwing your boarding pass into the trash. this brings us to the number of tonight. 46.9million. that's the number of americans expected to travel for the up coming holiday. >> i'm traveling only to the table. >> that's it. well the bruins are going to be trying to take a bite out of the sharks. but will an old friend spoil the party?
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welcome back, everybody. nine goals scored at the garden. san jose racked up five of them. coach said the team was sloppy and he's embarrassed that they lost. tyler randall tips in the --
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marshon tied at two after one. erickson who rips it past martin jones. san jose. shortly after that the sharks 5-3 san jose. that was it's sharks win it 5- 4. footballing patriots had the day off gearing up for monday night against the buffalo bills. i wondered how long it would take for rex ryan to start shooting his mouth off.
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the un-drafted 150 yards and a touchdown. for a preview on the pats and bills make sure to check out patriots access friday night and also patriots game day sunday morning at 11:30 and monday night after the game be sure to tune into the fifth quarter post game show also on my t.v.38.
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big poppy eyeing retirement? we went to the mayor for some help putting his legacy to the city in perspective. >> first of all he's an incredible baseball player, hitter that always hit the collection. >> david ortiz, david ortiz, david ortiz. >> following his famous fields on the field, we knew he had our back. >> we had never seen a player of -- the old boston's image as a racist city was hard earned, but in some ways big poppy came to symbolize a new boston.
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>> we had a lot of different problems within our city and we have worn a lot of labels. big poppy shot that. >> if he does retire it's just in time to get his campaign going for mayor. >> reporter: what do you think about that? mayor ortiz? on the clutch.
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there's a show in the sky. >> there is. but put on your jacket. the leonid meter shower. i thought it was interesting when you said it's not a great year for the
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